Key Points文化旅游要点

Visiting local temples, making cultural exchange activities参观寺院,学习佛学知识,开展文化交流

Well knowing about traditional Vietnam art and heritage深度了解中国历史与艺术的珍贵文化财产

Buddhist ritual and culture全程遵循佛教仪轨与文化

Literate guide文化导游随行



D1 World- Chengdu-Mount Jiuhua世界各地-成都-九华山

Visiting Wenshu Temple to make pilgrimage to Xuanzang relics


D2 Chengdu-Leshan-Emei成都-乐山-峨眉

Visiting Leshan Buhhda which is the biggest one as a mountain


D3 Mount Emei峨眉山

Walking to the Mount Emei top and appreciating gold cloud and Samantabhadra Bodhisattva, and visiting famous temples


D4 Mount Emei峨眉山


Studying Buddhism culture and Chinese traditional culture in Zen Culture Center

D5 Mount Emei- Chengdu峨眉山-成都-世界各地


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